Quick Tip: Forwarding Google Alerts

Geeky reader Evelyn from Florida wrote in with this: “I read your post The Five-Minute Guide to Google Alerts. I’m trying to figure out how to forward only Google Alerts (not all emails) to another email address that’s not Google (in other words, to my work email address). Do you think you could help?”

Yes! This one is pretty easy, but you don’t do it from Google Alerts. This one you take care of in gmail.

From mail.google.com, go to: Settings > Filters > Create a New Filter

From there, you can specify that if the subject line contains “Google Alert” it should be forwarded to a different account (like your work email address).

Setting up filters is possible in most email systems and can be a great way to keep the massive tide of emails under control. As an example: when we are hiring at Clockwork, I filter resumes into a separate folder that I can review when I choose, instead of having those emails choke up my inbox.

So, that’s it — just a quick little geeky tip to make your life easier!