2013 January

Podcast #48: Online Event Invitations

Facebook has destroyed online events. What began as a brilliant idea has morphed into the most ignorable feature on the Internet. If you’re in a band, then chances are, hundreds of people have ignored the sweet event invite for your show next Tuesday at 11:00pm at that place they’ve never heard of. 

If you’re active on Facebook at all, you probably have a number of invites in your events section. How many times have you logged into Facebook and been greeted with that brilliant red square notifying you that someone, ANYone has contacted you only to find a message letting you know that the event you’re not planning on going to is happening an hour later than originally stated? 

By clicking ‘no’, you might hurt the feelings of poor Jimmy in the mailroom. I’m sure his band really IS good and they probably DO sound like Spacemen 3 meets Slade. 

You could always do the Minnesota No and click ‘Maybe’, but haven’t we all made that resolution to be less passive aggressive this year? A simpler option to clean out your events section and make it useful again is to just remove it. 

1. In Facebook, click ‘Events’ on the left side of the screen.

2. Hover your mouse over an event you want to remove. A bluish-gray X will pop up on the upper right side of the event.

3. Click that X.

4. Ta da! The event is removed and you don’t have to feel like the introverted hermit that declines every event invitation.

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