Podcast #33: Geek of the Week – Kyle DeLaHunt

In our 33rd podcast, we chat with home entertainment guru Kyle DeLaHunt. Kyle, a second generation A/V geek, has been nerding out about home entertainment since the age of 8. We asked him to come down to the studio and discuss how to make simple digital home entertainment systems to fit your needs. We talked about his setup, and each of our own (which we cover with photos and video on this blog post here).

Kyle (@dels) and Kate (@cleverkate) will be hosting a Twitter chat for this topic on Wednesday 3/23, from 8-9 PM. Follow them on Twitter for more information!

More about this week’s geek: Kyle grew up in a household full of electronics. His first computer was an Apple IIC. His first CD was ‘Slippery When Wet’. Were he to become independently wealthy, he might very well travel across the heartland, playing Wolfenstein on a IIC while listening to Slippery When Wet on repeat. With that not being too likely, he will continue to advise music students, take photos and play music for fun (and money occasionally), and prognosticate on the future of your tech industry of choice.

Check out our “Home Entertainment How-Tos” blog post for videos and pictures of Kyle’s, Meghan’s and Nancy’s home entertainment systems.

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