MIMA Summit Liveblog: Lunch Keynote

So far, Ze Frank is great. It’s gotta be hard to talk while people are eating and he’s doing a great job. Engaging, funny and smart. (And yes, @hlockwoo, also adorable.)

My favorite part so far, re: user-generated content: “The Crapucopia: There is so much crap being made.” Amen, brother.

Excellent point #2: the conversation is not about the content. The value is the conversation itself, not necessarily the topic. 

Random side note: it just occurred to me that there’s a really funny double-standard going on. There’s lots of twitterchatter about how cute/adorable/attractive Ze Frank is. How offended would I be if a woman was keynoting and people were tweeting how hot she was? Would men dare to tweet about a hot female keynote? Food for thought.