Geek Chic of the Week: Pizza

The last three weeks have been heavy duty, what with all that RSS talk. This week, I figured we’d keep it short and sweet. And it’s Friday so we might as well talk about pizza.

Since I’m married to a guy with an intolerance for all things lactose, I rarely order pizza. So, I had no idea of the amazing advances in online pizza technology until Geek Girls Men’s Auxiliary member Eric Hanson sent me an email (with screenshots, even!) raving about a recent online ordering experience.

This was followed up with a link to a CNN article (courtesy of another Men’s Auxiliary member, Justin Dessonville) that discussed the whole online pizza revolution and the insane amounts of money being made by pizza chains online. Who knew?!

Let’s start with Eric’s experience at Domino’s. Gone are the days of picking up the phone, getting a crazed-sounding teenager on the phone asking if you can hold, placing your order (all the while fearing that the distracted kid isn’t writing it down correctly) and then hoping that it shows up sometime before you go to bed.